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We just got back from the one time showing (thank jebus) of “A Story Worth Living”, which presented itself in all of the advertising, as an on / off road, dual sport adventure on bikes. The bikes, however were only flavor. The tale, as it were, was about the word “story”. Or something.

(Edit 5/20/15 9:03 -ish)
They have started offering refunds, email ive thought about it after seeing the storm of reviews last night, and I want to feel bad for them, but no. They duped us. It was supposed to be a movie about inexperienced riders searching out that grand riding adventure in the mountain passes of Colorado.

0 out of 5 stars.

Lemme sum this up.

Quirky intro
Short bios on a bunch of hipsters
“We like long way round lets buy bikes!”
short prep, set off...
talk about expectation about the ride
30 min later
meet some guy, talk about an airplane
meet some other guy, horses. Jesus.
little bit of riding
more BS
more talking about riding (couldn’t be more stereotypical of GS riders if they did it at a damn starbucks)
more talk about adventure
talk about love
talk about fear or some shit....
Hey, some actual riding! A crash! Cool, obstacles!
End of ride, talk about the ride
Read CS lewis
Bat ‘selves on back
(This is where we left, got icecream, met up with a couple of local forum members we rode with before)

All said, this was a short commercial for Twisted Throttle and Arai, then a 50 minute trailer for 5 minutes of motorcycle content, with who knows how long of a review afterward by the cast. If I hear the word story one more f’kn time......I wanted to like it. I wanted it to be good. I like those companies sponsoring these sorts of projects. But this was barely ready for Youtube, let alone a theatre release.

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